Monday, August 17, 2015

You can't Catfish the Creator

Hello Friends it's Amber Stewart! 
The word I have for you today is about being the best YOU, only YOU can be.
There is a reality TV show on MTV called “Catfish”. I find this show interesting for 2 reasons. 1.) The show participants are emotionally connected to and reliant on people they have yet to meet face to face and 2.) The “Catfish” is lying to the other person and leading them on for selfish reasons. Most frequently the "Catfish" is using someone else’s pictures while withholding information from the other person because of fear. 

The astonishing fact is that the show is doing quite well with no shortage of stories to feature.  However, as I write this I realize that everyone is being a catfish in their life in one way or another. Most of us are not on TV for the world to se and judge.  The show follows the story of how the participants met, their story along the way and ends ultimately with the participants being fed up demanding to know the truth.
The heartbreaking truth is that after finding out that everything was built on a lie, the relationship promptly ends, no matter how they felt or how much time has passed. It is not real anymore, now it’s all fake (backwards thinking right?). It will not build to a greater potential because the foundation was faulty.

Well there is good news! The relationship you can build with God is real and not built on a faulty foundation.  There is no fear when growing closer to your Creator.  God is love. He loves you. God wants to spend time with you.  He wants you to spend time with Him. We can’t see Him face to face but the relationship that we spend time building with Him is the most important relationship we will EVER have.  By faith, we believe He is there. By Faith, we believe He is hearing and answering prayers. We don’t need to confirm that He is who is says He is by looking at His appearance. We were made in His image and His likeness.  We are formed into life by His breath.  He is an all knowing God. He doesn’t change and He knows and sees all.  You can’t outsmart God or hide from Him. Are you trying to "catfish" God? Are you a "catfish" to others? Portraying something that is not true?

Are you living beyond your means? Do you present your self with fashion and items that cost more than you can afford to pay in cash so you are charging it to your credit card just so you can look that way? Do you drive a car that you have to sacrifice other things to pay for? 

Do you tell people the truth when confronted or do you lie to make yourself look better? Do you lie by omission, by not telling people truths about you, that you are keeping to yourself? Do your co workers  and friends know you are a Christian? Can they tell just by watching you live ? or is that your best kept secret so you can blend in with the flow of everyone else? 

Guess what? YOU WERE NOT MADE TO BE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE, YOU  WERE THE ONLY ONE MADE TO BE YOU!  You were made to stand out and shine. 

I am certainly not perfect and I’m not judging you. I am just here to say, don’t be afraid to be the real you. If you don’t know who that is then my suggestion is to ask the one who made you. Ask God to make Himself known to you and discover his plan for your life. Grow closer to him by reading the Manual (the scriptures) and pray. Grow closer to HIM and discover your identity in Christ. What's next you ask, go out,  live life and SHINE. We were meant to do life together!

The lesson I learned by watching the show Catfish is that my daily intention is to show my real and authentic self to all those I encounter. No lies, no secrets, no fear, no misleading, no living beyond my means to fit in and no need to follow the Jones’. To be the BEST me I can be. My goal is to shine not so that others see me but so that others through me see HIM.