Monday, March 16, 2015

You're worth it, give freely but don't be cheap.

Rolls Royce was founded on March 15, 1906. Within 109 years of business, Rolls Royce has adopted a policy of not doing any form of advertising as a brand. The luxury car company has instead focused on knowing the importance of worth and maintaining a strong reputation.

Worth, by definition, is: the specified value of something. Though this seems somewhat elementary, many people fail at understanding their true worth.

As a "car guy," it's easy for me to look at worth in vehicles. The best selling vehicle in 2014 was the Ford F-150 pickup truck. In 2014, Ford sold 880,128 of these trucks at an average price of $29,998. Compare that with Rolls Royce who sold a total of 4,063 cars at an approximate average price of $330,000.

Now don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with the Ford F-150 (hey, I drive one!) but there is no way that I can visit a local Rolls Royce dealer and purchase a brand new Rolls Royce (any model for that matter) for $29,988.

Why? Because Rolls Royce knows their worth. And so does Ford. Neither one of these automakers will allow you the joy of purchasing a vehicle for less than the agreed upon price.


When speaking of worth, The Bible says, "Who can find a virtuous wife? For her worth is far above rubies. (Proverbs 31:10)." If there was no differentiation between rubies and lead, why reference worth with something valuable? Jesus paid the ultimate price for all of us, and as a result, we're worth more than we realize. However, countless people make the mistake of experiencing life below their worth. Know that you are worth something and were provided life at an invaluable price.

Here are a few examples of how to live according to your worth: 

1.   Value Your Emotions: Do not allow the actions of others to impact your emotional state. God gave us emotions, but He did not give us emotions for those emotions to be manipulated. You cannot control others, but you can control how you react to others. 

2.   Value Your Time: Time is your only unreplenishable commodity and we often don't pay attention to how we spend it. The only thing that God has given you that even He cannot give more of is time. Many of us are spending time in situations and with people who are contrary to our worth. Father God is a God of stewardship and he wants us to be conscious of how we spend our most precious resource – time.  Spend your time with people that make you feel like you're worth it. 

3.   Value Your Character: Ensure that you are not letting circumstances dictate your character. Father God desires that we maintain a sense of integrity in all that we do and no situation should influence that.

4.   Value Your Influencers: Many of us respect and esteem others based on a certain social, economic or professional status. The direction of Father God is for us to align ourselves with influencers who embody the vision and plan that God has established for us. Take a look at those who influence you and ensure that you are being influenced for the right reasons.

5.   Value Your Faith: Value your relationship with Father God. Many of us place value in all other relationships, but our spiritual relationship tends to take a back seat. Father God desires a relationship. Genesis 3:8 says, "And they heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day.” This very statement implies that God enjoys being around people. Value your faith as you value everything else. 
Make the decision to know your worth and conduct your life as one who is worth it.  

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